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     Photography to me is inspiring, creative, breathtaking and peaceful! And this is what I try to construct in each and every one of my photographs. I am still a child at heart and want to see the pure innocence of a child in each photograph. The love of family that is represented in each and everyone’s face that I capture. And the fun, you can never eliminate the fun out of a creative and beautiful photo shoot for the young at heart.

     As a child, I grew up with a camera in my face, as my mother captured every minute of my childhood, I didn’t quite understand it then, but now being a mother myself you want to preserve every single moment in your child’s life or family life. I want to produce a story that is represented in every piece of artwork, by creating a mood through light and composition.

     I am inspired by how fast each day goes by without it even being noticed that it is gone. This is what got me into photography, besides my kids, the fact that every moment is precious and you don’t realize it until it is gone. My photography seizes that moment so it can be cherished from generation to generation.